Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Blog Post for Jackye's Real Estate Brain

I decided to open a new blog to cast out into the universe my thoughts, ideas and ramblings that float across my mind from time to time. I have always wanted to write and publish a book and I suppose this will be the closest thing to it for now.

I have practiced real estate for over 10 years and have yet to get tired of it. I suppose some days are more frustrating that most but most days are pretty good. This year in a lot of ways has been easier for me and some ways harder because as I learn more about my craft , I tend to get lost in the minutia of it and I stop and start projects on a whim. I don't think I lack focus as much as I lack " not" liking anything. I like most things and most things interest me.

Late last year I gave up watching TV and it has been remarkable, the amount of stuff will feel up your time if you let it. Now it seems like I don't have time for TV..Isn't that strange? I still have goals that I am aiming for and cutting out TV has helped a lot. I do still go to the movies but only really hear about them from other people. Otherwise, I just rent movies about once every month or two. This past weekend I felt the need to catch up and watch some action movies. And I saw Salt in the theatre. The critiques gave Jolie a lot of "Salt" about her performance, but I liked the movie. I thought it was good. A bit over the top for a 100 lb woman soak and wet taking on men twice her size, but good none the less.

I am sitting in my home office as I write this post and I am looking at my goals I have on my board on a  wall near my desk, with a spotlight on it.  In big blue letters I wrote to myself.. AUGUST 2010 GOALS and below that I have "The Mableton Real Estate Maven"  And below that I have my goals for the month a current client roster so that I can see and plan my month out so I can meet my goals.

I set my goals pretty high and I am seeking to meet them really soon. I say seek rather than want because seeking to me, is of action and not desire.. Desire is in heart and since the heart is weak and runs from hurt, harm and rejection, I don't want to want anything. I only seek. Seeking again is an "action of doing". So in seeking my goals I plan to triple my business, list 50 homes and sell at least 25 of those. I know I won't sell everything I list because most people don't do what their Realtors tell them to do.. Similar to how doctors tell patients to eat right, exercise and drink water, but most don't which is why most people are fat....Most home sellers don't sell.

Hmm, that gives me a thought. Is there a corelation between fat people and people who don't sell their homes? Is it that they don't listen or is it that Realtors and doctors  don't give enough compelling reasons to make their clients or patients do what they need to do to meet their goals? Hmm.. Something to think about.
What are we NOT saying to get the point across? Are WE as professionals not paying attention or in tuned with the conversation that is in the head of the customer? Is it denial on their part? Do they really think that they are lucky, different, special, or unique to kick the status quo in the teeth? Can legions of unsold homeowners and fat people be right and the professionals all wrong?.. I don't think so.. But hey, its their bodies and their houses..

Would my life be easier if all of my clients did what I told them to do? Of course, would it then be more rewarding as a career?... I can't say. Is getting a troubled or hard to work with seller to work with you rewarding or just more work? Hmmm, something to ponder?

A lot of sellers and patients think we get rich off of them. But the reality is that they cost us a lot of time and money to help them. Examples:  Doctors have to have a facility in which to work and that facility has to have equipment, staff, heat, water, light, etc..And then the patient comes in and has a service done and tthe doctors have to wait on insurance or if the patient does not have insurance, they have to become bill collectors to get paid.. that's not fun... Some may say that a doctor should help people for free.. But how can they help everyone for free and still have to pay student loans and for malpractice insurance and forget about it if they are an OBGYN.. Their insurance alone is out of this world.

Real estate agents on the other hand, typically don't have overhead, or had to go to school for long periods of time , nor had to study for years on end. BUT we typically don't get paid unless someone buys. There are so many variables that will make someone buy a home. First they have to be able to afford one, and if they are a reasonable person, they have to find something they like. It has to appraise, pass inspection, and a bunch of other steps and then the buyer can simply change their mind and lose a couple grand, but pretty much get to walk away clean. Since the average real estate transaction takes 30 hours of work, you can work with someone and do this process with them 3-4 times before they decide to actually buy something and when its all done you are so upside down on the project that it wasn't even worth your time.. That's not fun. I once wrote offers for a customer 6 times and he still hasent bought anything. He kept under bidding and kept missing out on the best homes. Every single home went for more than asking price...Every single one.. But then again, people think the are special, different, unique, that the house gods will come out of the sky and bless them. Normally if that happens and they find a good deal, they don't recognize it as one and someone else swoops it up.. Just like dating.. You kinda like someone and your treat them bad because you don't recognize favor from God blessing because its not in the wrapping YOU wanted to see it in. You wanted the whole package and 99% of the time its just a fantasy and not reality..

I will tell you that the most rewarding part of my job is when I see people turn the key for the first time into the home they own.. It's so cool. There isn't any other job that I am qualified for that I can see a grown man run around with his arms splay out to his sides while running around doing airplanes. Or see a 50 year man cry because he feels he can provide for his family with a roof over their heads. Or see a pregnant woman pick out her soon to be born child's room and sit on the floor and stare at the walls..  these are moments in life.. people's lives opened for me to witness and I feel blessed to get a chance to be part of it...

How'd I do for my first post..? These are just raw thoughts... typo's and all.. Nothing pre-formed, just my ramblings thoughts.. thanks for reading. If you don't agree with anything you've read in this post or if you would like to know more about me and have a question or two, feel free to post your comment.