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Mableton White Paper and Statisitics by Jackye Mumphrey

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Mableton GA

Approx 32,000 Residents A bit less than 2% of the population will move every year. Mableton is comprised of new and old construction with an average age of a home at 27 years old. The average sales price for all properties in 30126 is 202k with 76 days on the market. There are about 1500 property that go up for sale annually with only 1 in every 3 homes selling on average.

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Why do buyers choose to buy in Mableton?

Proximity to the city

Easy commute into the city and in to Marietta the county seat

Lower cost of level than other parts of Cobb county for comparable properties

No city taxes,

Whitefield Academy (Private school)

IAM Charter School on Mableton Parkway

Quiet Streets and charm

Why is Mableton Special?

River activity-fishing

Aquatic Center is nearby

Barnes Ampitheatre

Silver Comet Trail

Good rental market for investors leasing homes under 1200 per month.

Large lots in older neighborhood.

Home to Roy Barnes, Alexander Courtney, Jazzy Pha and other celebrities and newsmakers

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Who is the largest builder in the area?

John Weiland has built more homes in Mableton than any other builder in recent years. He average sales price for a home hovers around the 350k price point.

John Weiland communites that are great for resale and investment at the right price

Shannon Glen

Shannon Green

Shannon Green North




Glenleigh Park

The Legacy at the Riverline

Vinings Estates

Vinings Estates East Gate


MIC or the Mableton Improvement Coalition is an active group of Mableton civic leaders that participate in the activites of Mableton from Clean Up Days to organizing community meetings. There are an investor friendly group.

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey


Mableton Borders

Austell to the South(Gordon Road) and South west ( Burrus/James Roads), Smyrna to the Northwest( Concord and Hicks Roads), North and Northeast (East West Connector/Oakdale Roads) and Atlanta to the East. (Discovery Blvd and Riverside Road)

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Good deals to purchase now are

5900 Brookside Drive in Johnstons Crossing 3/2/1 2 sty slab age 1990 listed 49,000 worth 90k

6062 Lakeshore Drive in Redbud/Crestmont Heights 3/2 2 sty basement age 1977 listed 39,900 worth 100k

435 Pine Valley Rd in Maple Valley 4/2 split basement age 1975 listed 49,900 worth 75,000

479 Ivey Court Vinings Terrace 3/2 basement age 1994 listed 125k worth 125k. (Current Listing) seller paid 46k. put in 7k

481 Villa Ave 4/2/1/ split basement age 1959 listed 125k, worth 110k (current listing) seller paid 46k selling for 110k as is to cash buyer

1438 Brookline Trail 2/1/1 crawl, age 1981 (?) listed 40k worth 75k (current listing) needs major work

Types of Financing

Most investor property priced under 50,000 are sold on cash terms. Loans can be procured with either hard money at very high rates or with loans with 25% down for investors

Mableton Stats

507 Homes sold in Mableton in 2007 Avg SP 260k for a 4/2/1 Avg DOM 82

454 Homes sold In Mableton in 2008 Avg SP 227 for a 4/2/1 Avg DOM 91

402 Homes sold in Mableton in 2009 Avg SP 177 for a 4/2 Avg DOM 90

358 Homes sold in Mableton in 2010 Avg Sp 195 for a 4/2 Avg DOM 76

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Most popular Subdivisions in Mableton for 2010 Homes Sold and average sold price

48 Vinings Estates 461k 67 DOM

14 in the Shannon Greens/Glens/North 160k 85 DOM

11 The Retreat at Vinings Lake 259k 74 DOM

12 The Legacy at the Riverline 318k 111 DOM

10 Vinings Cove 188k 65 DOM

9 Clay Manor 43k 68 DOM

8 Johnston’s Crossing 85k 88 DOM

8 Maple Valley 45k and 74 DOM

8 Vinings Place 267k 122 DOM

7 Vinings Vintage 210k 133 DOM

40 Not in a Subdivision 78k 8DOM

DOM vs Price for Mableton 2010

92 Homes sold within 30 days with a list price 194k and sales price 190k

71 Homes sold within 31-60 days with a list price 197k and sales price 185k

51 Homes sold within 61-90 days with a list price 156k and sales price 148k

38 Homes sold within 91-120 day with a list price 216k and sales price 206k * This seems out of wack but it is the true number

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Most homes in Mableton have historically sold mostly in March, April, May and August. The slowest months for sale in Mableton are January and December with the highest in April and May.

How Jackye Finds Buyers and Sellers for the Mableton Market

Realvaluator to find distressed sellers

Expired Listings to find equity sellers

Other agent referral to the Mableton area

Business Owner in Mableton who look for other investor than their business in the area.

Specific Reverse Prospect Market – A technique that Jackye developed and uses to attract buyers to sell her listing and to get leads.

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey

Social Media

Videos on and Tube Mogul

Blogs ActiveRain/azulgold


Seminars for buyers and other agents on marketing techniques

Cold Calling

Neighborhood Canvassing/Farming

Just list and just sold cards on every sale

Email blasts to entire SOI once a month

Real Estate Hotline with Google Voice


IVR numbers

Prepared by Jackye Mumphrey